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Do I NEED Red Roses for Valentine's Day?

Updated: Feb 27

Traditionally, the red rose has a very clear meaning, it says loud and clear “I love You”.

The original and most popular choice of flower for Valentine’s day. If you want to tell someone you love them, a red rose usually does the trick.

So do you need Red Roses this Valentine's Day?

In our humble florist opinion, the answer is no.

A modern arrangement of deep reds, maroon and pink seasonal flowers tell your lover that you're thinking of them, and your personalised card message can fill in the blanks.

Flowers can deliver so many different messages:

"I love you as much as pasta"

"Meow, purr purr, meow."

"Let put our TULIPS together"

"You give me butterflies and boners"

" Happy V Day. P.S - your V makes my D happy."

Pre-orders are now open for Valentine's Day via our beautiful website. Get your orders in now!


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