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There is nothing quite like those pre-wedding butterflies, the excitement, the emotion and that enlightenment you get when you see your couples wedding dreams come to life.

The Real Florist has been working weddings for 11 years and we still get the same feelings. Every. Single. Wedding.

Bridal Bouquet Class

We love each and every wedding concept, however our wedding flower workshop is an experience like no other. I have always loved teaching my craft, so 6 years ago for my own wedding, I gathered my bride tribe and we made our own bouquets together, the night before our big day. 

Their excitement and pride when walking down the aisle over what they had created was simply the BEST and some of my favourite memories from the day were made.

The relationship we now build with our wedding parties is so special. It is that next level of personal detail, connection and an added memory that is unlike any other experience.

Choosing Colour Pallets & Flowers

It is your wedding, it is your big day. Chose a colour pallet that suits you and your personality.

Your flowers are a true reflection of you and we try to make sure that each couple is able to express themselves.

It is important that you chose what you love and what represents your style, not the current fad that you may find on social media.

With an increase in filters and edited photos, colours may not always be what they seem.

A good florist should provide a realistic view of true form, shape and colour.

The pastel/neon cross over with added elements of texture is a theme we are loving at the moment. A mix of fresh and dry flowers or minimalistic bouquets with over the top installations and collaborations of suppliers working together as one is a vibe we will always get behind!

When to book

We find we are fully booked at least 12 months in advance so as soon as you have your date and you know what you want, contact your desired florist as soon as possible.

Full Service Wedding Florist

Step 1: Complete the contact form to check our availability.

Step 2: Arrange a time to meet with one of our Wedding Consultants.

Step 3: Meet with our Wedding Consultant who will help bring together floral and styling elements to make your day come together.

Step 4: Review quote provided.

Step 5: Pay a deposit to hold your date!

Why not add a Bouquet Class or a Flower Crown Class.

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