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Soothe & Soak

100% natural relaxation bath soak. Hand-made with lavender & citrus essential oils and a hint of magnesium to help you unwind for a deep sleep, magnesium sulphate (natural Epsom Salt) to soothe the body, pink himalayan salts to detoxify, dried chamomile & rose buds, lavender & citrus essential oils to relax and unwind your mind.


Rejuvenate Bath soak, Postpartum healing 

100% natural relaxation bath soak.  Hand-made with lavender & Chamomile essential oils and magnesium to help you unwind leaving a calming & nurturing effect on the skin and body.

Magnesium sulphate (natural Epsom Salt) and the soothing blend of both dried and essential oils helps restore postpartum and joint healing. A daily soak recovery routine the promotes healing and natural relief. 


Happy feet, Foot Soak 

100% natural foot soak. Hand-made with Eucalyptus & Peppermint essential oils and rich in magnesium & Sodium Bicarbonate. Magnesium sulphate (natural Epsom Salt) and aromatic essential oil Peppermint & Eucalypus & BiCarb. Natural relief, Help reduce inflammation, ease muscle cramps, and soften skin!


Made by Feathers Wellbeing, bespoke products handmade in Albury by founder Rowenna. Feathers products are created for a sense of wellbeing, calm, relaxation, deep-thinking and freshness for the user and surrounds. Refelcting the beauty we live in, relax, unwind and find balance.

Feathers Bath Salt

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