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How to budget for wedding flowers?

Updated: Apr 6

albury wedding florist

What do wedding flowers cost? Great question! The no BS answer is, it completely depends on YOU!

What is your vision? What do you hold value in? How important to you are flowers at your wedding?

Every 12 months or so we revisit this subject, and every time the industry has seen massive changes.

The cost of living continues to go up so we want to ensure that you have options for your big day.

You want magic?!

We have been living for this moment and we want to deliver. All our hard work, the hours, the knowledge, passion, connections and creativity have lead us to you! We want to make all your floral dreams come to life.

Be prepared for your budget to start from at least $5,000 and beyond. Time, experience and the dream is what you are investing in.

Want to create amazing memories? Maybe a little DIY is your style?

Well, we have the most amazing experience for you. Our hands on, interactive wedding class is designed for people just like you. One of our experienced staff will build your wedding bouquet while you and your wedding team follow along! This is soo much fun and one of

our favourite things to offer brides.

All your flowers can be ready for you to take and install yourself and because you do not require us to be on site to set up, you can save yourself some money - who doesn't love that!

We would suggest you set yourself a budget of $3,000-$5,000.

albury wedding florist

Don't care much for flowers?

There is so much more to your marriage and wedding than flowers! We can create something simple and you can invest your money elsewhere! We would suggest you set aside $1,000-$2,000.00 in your budget and work from that.

Thinking an elopement is more your style?

We are here for you! Intimate elopements with The Real Florist is your small wedding one stop shop. Starting from $900 you can get married, in and out in two hours, including the venue hire!

A few things to remember when budgeting for your wedding day:

  1. The bigger the bridal party, the bigger the budget needs to be.

  2. It is your day, remember to keep it that way!!

  3. Your wedding vendors have a wealth of knowledge not only in what they do, but as well as other vendors and collaborators, so ask ALL THE QUESTIONS!

  4. We are here to support you, every step of the way.

To book your no obligation free consultation, follow the link below.

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