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Wedding Wet Weather Planning

Updated: May 29, 2023

It looks like the La Niña weather is here for a little while longer (as if the last few years were not unpredictable enough). It is hitting our Riverina area with flooding and unpredictable weather conditions.

So it is a timely reminder to have a 'just in case' wet weather plan with your vendors for your big day!!

Here are a few things to think about when making your wet weather plan.

Your Vendors

It is always important to choose people you trust when picking your vendors for your big day. We don't want to rain on your parade, we want to make your wedding dreams come true!!

Pick people you not only like the work of, but that you trust!!

A good vendor will open these kind of difficult conversations with you, not to dampen the mood (see what I did there) but because they care, and they want to know you trust them make the best decisions on your behalf!

Your vendors put their love, sweat and tears into making sure your day is as beautiful as you dreamed, but rain can cause ALOT of damage to their work. Imagine what the rain will do to that wooden Arbour you hired from Snichol's Custom Event Hire, Ceremonies By Tam's electrical goods or the photographer's very expensive camera's - Capture By Karen, Natasha Larsen Photography, Meg Gibbs Photography and Rachael Emmily Photography would all be very unforgiving should their equipment be damaged.

From a florists perspective, months of planning and work have gone into making your beautiful arrangements, but the damage that rain will cause will mean your beautiful fresh designs end up bruised, broken and not a true representation of their work.

The location

Of course we all LOVE an outdoor wedding along the river banks like at Redbank Events or Banyandah on The Murray, a beautiful vineyard like Cofield's Winery or Corowa Whiskey Factory and of course we all want your day to go AS PLANNED outside in the wilderness, but think about the logistics of getting to the venue in the rain.

Also THE GROUND!! What about the mud, THE MUD!! On your beautiful dress!!!

What if you or someone you love slipped in the mud (Although it could make for some funny memories in hindsight) it may not be funny at the time!

Don't even get me started on the bugs that the wet weather brings, who wants mosquitos on their wedding day!!!??

Your guests

Where will they park? What will they wear? Did the pay to get their make up done?

Is it safe for them to access? Will they have to track through the mud in their fancy shoes? What about Nanna?? "Won't someone please think of the children!"


This is the most important factor!!

It is important to remember WHY you are getting married, (we would hope it's not for some beautiful aesthetically pleasing social media posts, although they are a given).

It is for the love you have for one another, and no matter rain, you are going to weather every one of life's moments together from this day forward, and this day is about celebrating that... (See what I did there?)

If we have a secondary plan in place and you trust your team to make the best decisions possible then a little damp weather will not dampen the mood!!

Keep an eye on the weather patterns in the lead up, keep the communication open and

your wedding will all be just as beautiful as planned we promise!!

We are here for all your wedding planning, we love a good chat, a coffee and a pun so pop on in and see us at the real florist for all your wedding planning fun!!

With Love,

The Real Florist Team

P.S - Check out these amazing images from one of our beautiful wedding in March 2022 along the riverbanks... That is now completely under water!!

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