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Why your workplace needs corporate flowers!

Updated: May 29, 2023

Studies have shown that adding flowers and greenery to the workplace can have a positive impact on staff and customers.

Simply adding some greenery in the form of flowers or indoor plants can have major positive benefits for employees and their organisations.

So what are the benefits of flowers in the workplace?

- They help to reduce stress (who doesn't need that at work!!) and boost mood.

- They help to increase productivity and creativity.

- They brighten your office space.

- Studies have shown that both men & women have 30% fewer sick days when their work environment includes flowers.

- Most importantly, they're pretty to look at!

We spend so much of our days, sitting at our desks, it makes perfect sense to want to create a beautiful office space.

And what’s even more conducive to productivity than a beautiful, clean desk? Some calming, peaceful flowers.

Every singe arrangement we create is made to order, we want to understand your brand, your clients and your space to create the perfect arrangement for you that suits your aesthetics.

Browse our corporate collection today or send us an email to discuss your corporate flower needs.

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