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Chosing Colour Pallets & Flowers

Updated: May 29, 2023

Choosing Colour Pallets & Flowers

albury wedding florist

It is your wedding, it is your big day and you're (likely) only going to have one.

Chose a colour pallet that suits you and your personality.

Your flowers are a true reflection of you and we try to make sure that each couple is able to express themselves.

It is important that you chose what you love and what represents your style, not the current fad that you may find on social media.

With an increase in filters and edited photos, colours may not always be what they seem.

A good florist should provide a realistic view of true form, shape and colour.

The pastel/neon cross over with added elements of texture is a theme we are loving at the moment.

A mix of fresh and dry flowers or minimalistic bouquets with over the top installations and collaborations of suppliers working together as one is a vibe we will always get behind!

The Real Florist Team


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