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Meet The Real Florist Team - Part 2.

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Laura - Blossoming Blooms

Finding Renee and The Real Florist dream went a little something like this....

"Please find attached my boring corporate world 9 to 5 resume.

After 12 years in the administration and accounting world I have spread my wings in search of greener pastures and a creative lifestyle change.

I am a self confessed crazy plant lady who basically lives in a jungle now (is my son still here, who knows?!) and adore everything nature gives us, especially flowers!

I was appointed office barista in my previous role, making coffees for customers and staff regularly.I have had some brief training on making coffees and with a little extra guidance my barista skills would vastly improve.

I love being creative and the opportunity to extend that into flowers is a dream.

I am a real fun-GI 🍄 and believe I would be a great fit with the team."

It was a match made in heaven, and twelve months later I am still here, blossoming and growing with Renee and her incredible business.


Blossiming Blooms

Flower Lover

Doer of all the Things


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