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The Real Florist Introduction to Floristry

The Real Florists 6 week introduction to Floristry course is perfect for the budding florist or the flower arranging enthusiast.


Our course will be delivered over 6 lessons, including:

1. Welcome to Floristry Fundamentals

2. Tall and round bouquet arranging

3. Vase arrangement techniques

4. Table displays

5. Creating a Flower Crown

6. Floral installation (group project).


Join us once a week, for two hours across 6 weeks in our Albury workshop, as we take you through an introduction to floristry.

Our introductory offer also includes a complimentary Florist tool kit (valued at $200) that will all be used within our class.

The Real Florist Tool Kit includes:

The Real Florist Apron

The Real Florist Tea Towel

Spray Bottle


Florist Tape





** Introductory price is $899, future pricing will be $1099.00.


First course begins Wednesday 29th March at 6pm.

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